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 Employee Application Guidelines

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PostSubject: Employee Application Guidelines   Sat Sep 19, 2009 4:07 pm

The Department of General Affairs - Employee Application

The Process into joining up is simple, just copy and paste the below information into a new topic in this section titled "Curriculum Vitae: DATE" filling out all the necessary fields. Your Employee Application shall be reviewed by the appropriate staff and will give you further information about what to do next.

Quote :

Example for Title:

Curriculum Vitae: 7/15/2010

Below is the information needed for the actual post. Paste it into your post and fill it out.

Quote :

Nation Name:
Nation Strength:
Who Recruited You:
Previous Alliances:
Experience from other alliances:

Your Employee Application shall be reviewed in a timely fashion by the appropriate staff and will give you further information about what to do next.

As an Employee of Shin-Ra you are expected to visit our IRC channel #shinra from time to time to keep in the loop of what is happening,
you can find it here http://www.cn-shinra.com/IRC-Client-h1.htm just type in your Username as your nickname there.

Upon being accepted, set your Alliance Affiliation to Shinra Electric Power Company. When this is done you will be sent 3 million aid as part of a starter package, should you wish to deny this aid - you can by all means.


For new nations to the game it is required that you join the White Sphere this ensures better trades for all of Shin-Ra
Also that you engaged in at least 3 tech deals, buying or selling in a calendar month.
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Employee Application Guidelines
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