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PostSubject: ASU - Shin-Ra ODAP [ACTIVE]   Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:00 pm

The Treaty of Vilnius

I. Preamble
This treaty shall serve to promote the common interests and friendship between its signatories, Atlantic Sphere Union and Shinra Electric Power Company.

II. Sovereignty
The signatories shall remain separate and distinct entities and will not try to manipulate each others' political views or internal alliance affairs. Neither shall any attempt to impose views or certain actions be made, although discussion between alliances on issues is acceptable and encouraged.

III. Non-Aggression
The signatories agree to maintain peace and civility with one another. One shall not commit acts of hostility, including but not limited to espionage, military aggression, or verbal abuse against the other.

IV. Intelligence
If a signatory receives intelligence that effects the security of the other party, they shall divulge such information immediately unless such information conflicts with signatory's other outstanding treaties, or undermines its own security.

V. Defense
If a signatory is the victim of unwarranted aggression, the other is highly encouraged to give assistance in all aspects, including militarily, financially, and diplomatically.

VI. Aggression
Should either signatory engage in an aggressive military operation, they may request the assistance of the other. However, such assistance will remain completely optional instead of mandatory.

VII. Termination
A signatory can cancel this pact at any time they wish, provided that the other signatory is informed in private and a 72-hour cancellation period has passed in which all articles of the agreement remain in effect. A blatant violation of any of the articles in this agreement will cause the immediate termination of the agreement.

Signed for the Atlantic Sphere Union,
Burnt, President

Signed by and for the Shinra Electric Power Company:

President of the Shinra Electric Power Company

Vice-President of the Shinra Electric Power Company

Head of Weapons Development

Head of Public Safety & Maintenance

Head of Urban Development

Head of General Affairs

Head of Public Relations

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