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the link here which will direct you to some helpful
information on what you can do next.

If needing to speak in a formal, private manner with
Shinra, feel free to message the
Public Relations Department

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 Foreign Guest Registry Guidelines

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PostSubject: Foreign Guest Registry Guidelines   Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:31 pm

The Department of Public Relations - Foreign Guest Registry

It is my great Pleasure to welcome you to the City of Midgar and to Shin-Ra,

If wishing a Executive Suite simply fill out the following form
Create New Topic titled "Executive Suite #____" (whichever number you are at time of creating topic)

Quote :

Alliance Name:
Link to website:
Reasons for wishing a Suite?

A Dispatch from The Department of Public Relations will be with you to talk with you further to talk regarding your wishing to have a suite. The Department Head or the President will have final word whether a room can be made available for you and who you represent. There are limited amount of rooms in the hotel as it remains a premier spot in Midgar away from the hectic scene that is Midgar so it will be a first come first serve as additional rooms cannot be made available. Enjoy the opportunity you have to bask at the magnificent view of the ocean and see as Shin-Ra grows larger and mightier! The view from here is only second to the Presidents View in Shin-Ra Headquarters.

You will find your Suite here http://www.cn-shinra.com/executive-hotel-c7/ Upon being granted the use of a Suite and feel free to visit the pub for a good time.
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Foreign Guest Registry Guidelines
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