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 Intergalactic Trivulations.

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PostSubject: Intergalactic Trivulations.    Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:15 pm

This is a text based RPG. The plot is that you are, with your fellow players, soldiers of the Garfsheld Republic, but now you are PoWs (Prisoners of War) to the evil Intergalactic Romanian Imperium. You start in a large prison cell with solid floors and the walls and ceiling made of lasers. There is a locked laser door to the Stellar South. You are situated in Indeed Prison, on the Worldship IRS Univosis.

The Emperor of the IRI is called Nukinus Putinius.

I am game master, Nuke.

There will be no resurrecting. However, you can make a new character named [username] II and so on.

Character List: (This isn't updated as much as it should)

Green text denotes a healthy character.
Blue text denotes an injury.
Red text denotes a status ailment.
Purple text denotes a dead character.

Someone - Healthy.

Nuke the Immortal Game master.
Emperor Nukinus Putinius.

Deceased Players:

Deceased NPCs:
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Intergalactic Trivulations.
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