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 The Forbidden Realms

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PostSubject: The Forbidden Realms   Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:13 pm

Text RPG.

Description: You're trapped on an M class (Like Earth) planet. There are hundreds of different tribes living on this planet, you must survive an escape pod crashing. You start in a RANDOM LOCATION that is determined by Nuke once you make a character.

Materials: You start off with a knife, matches, rope, laser pistol, and 3 food/water.

1. At the end of every day (Real time) I will check if you have food and water, you will lose some health if you don't have any.
2. You will not be resurrected. Make a new character.
3. Obvious tech-making is obvious.
4. 1 Food and 1 Water lasts for one day.
5. Everything else goes. Except defying what Nuke says, because what he says is final.

[big]Character List:[/big]

[color:8429=#090]Green text denotes a healthy character.
Blue text denotes an injury.
Red text denotes a status ailment.
Purple text denotes a dead character.
NOTE: These are excluded from food.
NOTE: This Character List is bound to change later in the game.

Players :
[color:8429=#090]Whoever joins first - Healthy (100)

Game Master Nuke.

Deceased Players:

That guy who got here first...wait...he hasn't done it...yet...: Food: 3; Water: 3

Tribes (And nations):
The Quada - Unknown numbers.
The Nukian Empire - Unknown numbers.
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The Forbidden Realms
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