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 Militiamon: The Text version.

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PostSubject: Militiamon: The Text version.    Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:09 pm

You are in a text based RPG. It is a text version of Militiamon, as stated in the title.

You are in the desert, next to a broken down train. This desert is west of Phenac City in Orre, which has been occupied by Cipher Forces.

You must defeat Cipher and overthrow the Nukians who are using them to conquer the Orre region, in its darkest hour.

As you progress, you will learn secrets about your past, which I have been too lazy to tell you.

Also, you start with Nazi Mudkip.

I am game master, Nuke.


RULE: There will be no resurrecting. But you don't die, you just get sent back to the most recent Pokemon Center.

[big][big]Character List:[/big][/big]

[color:2eb1=#090]Green text denotes a character with a full-power team.
Blue text denotes a character who has been weakened.
Red text denotes a character who has defected to Nukia.
Purple text denotes a defeated NPC or character who has been defeated and/or is on the brink of defeat.


Nukia - Vast.
Cipher - Nukian puppet.

Nuke the Game Master and Emperor.

Deceased Players:

Deceased NPCs:
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Militiamon: The Text version.
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